My Wife almost died…but God.

Hi folks,

Its been a while! How are you? lol

Well, quick one! Wednesday gone, my wife was driving to a site to prepare for a wedding she was decorating. She was going 60 miles an hour on the m25. Whilst on the fast lane she needed to switch lanes but didn’t see the car in her blind spot. As she manoeuvred to the left, the car sounded their horn she steered sharply to the right to avoid collision.

At that point she lost control of the car.

The car hit the central reservation and the shot across all three lanes and ended in a ditch. She narrowly missed a truck by inches. The car started to smoke and she panicked and managed to get out the car. By this time there was a crowd, and people began to help her. She was in agony…her back was in pain. she was taken to a local hospital.

(The accident itself should have claimed her life, but there were a number of miracles that happened that worked to gether in that moment to keep her alive…no time to go through it now, but even non-christians at the scene told her that someone up there must be looking out for her.)

A bystander called me to alert me of the accident and I managed to speak to Afua briefly, she was crying and seemed in stress. It’s a call I wont forget anytime soon. We managed to get to the hospital and she was there for 7 hours.

She got home the same day with severe back pain. I prayed for her numerous times, but no change. She rested all through the weekend and did not come to church on Sunday. We happened to be having a revival with Pst Kevin Counts and he mentioned that he would be praying for the sick on the Monday.

Afua came to church and was in visible pain. Pst Counts prayed for her at the end of the service. She said she heard three loud cracks in her back area and later on in her shoulder and the pain was completely gone! Even this morning, she still has no pain, GOD completely healed her!


Afua sent this to all her contacts after the accident before she was healed!:

Dear friends and family

Yesterday I was in a car accident whilst driving at 60 mph on the M25 to a site visit for a wedding next weekend. I walked away without a mark on my body. There could be internal damage to my spine but they won’t know without an MRI or x-ray scan which I refused because I’m in the first trimester of pregnancy. I want to wait till the baby is 12  weeks at least.

I have incredible back pain but grateful to be alive. Which is the purpose of my message.

In that moment of collision when the car hit the barricade to the right of the motorway and the impact flung my car across 3 lanes to the ditch on the left hand side of the motorway, missing all the cars and narrowly missing a truck, the only thing that came to my mind was God.

Not my husband or children, as much as I love them dearly, but God. And I thought, this could be it. Today I could stand before my creator. And you know what, I had peace. Because I’m saved! I just believe today just wasn’t my appointment with death. But everyone has one. And I need to ask you, if you were to die today, where would you go?

Life is a vapour my friends. Please ponder this. I don’t really want to be bombarded with messages asking if I’m Ok. That’s not the purpose of me sending this. If you are a Christian, please lift me up in prayer because I’m in incredible pain. And please pray for my unborn child….but if you are not a Christian, PLEASE think about what I’ve said. We don’t know when we are going to die.


Thank you for reading, Afua/Barbara x

Well the Toyota is a write off, but Afua is 100% fine…and thats the most important thing. For all those who prayed for us…thank you…and take time to consider the frailty of our lives. Are you ready to go?



6 thoughts on “My Wife almost died…but God.

  1. Hie, this is Sekuru Freeman from quite some distance. This is a sobering and very important message. I am personally grateful that Afua survived this horrific accident and that she has been healed of her pain. We look forward to the baby and in my heart her name will alwayd be “Chishamiso”. God bless.

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