Day 22…Satan has no chill

The Armour of God has nothing to protect the back. We must face our enemies head on.

17/09/2015 (7pm)

I did NOT want to go out today…not in the slightest. I was making excuses in my mind, trying to convince myself that today was not the day…but His Word burns in my heart like a fire. It’s like a fire in my bones! I am worn out trying to hold it in! I can’t do it!

I had no excuse not to go. I jumped in the car and drove to Forest Hill. A town not too far from our main city. The footfall is heavier and the locals know where our church is located. At this point I let myself down. I stood there alone for about 10-15mins and didn’t do anything. I watched people go to and fro and something was different…with me.

Fear. Intimidation. I saw two young men hanging around and though I could approach them, I didn’t. I walked around for a while and when I came back and they were still there.

“I should have said something or at least gave them a flier”. I thought. Then this voice in my head was like:

“They don’t want to hear about Jesus – why bother them? They wont respond, its rude to interrupt a conversation. Look at the way you’re dressed. Go home…try another day”.


I stood there for a while wondering what was wrong with me, and headed back to the car. One of the boys then walked by with a different person and I jumped out the car and invited them to the concert this Saturday. The new guy recognised me and said “I remember you! We spoke in Sydenham not long ago! I’ll definitely come to the concert!”


I drove to Sydenham and prayed. “God I don’t know whats wrong with me today, but I’m not going home till I speak to someone. You are going to have to help me”. I assumed being in familiar territory would be better, but I still felt the same. I walked up and down and didn’t hand out a single flier. I kept praying, and made up my mind I was not going home.

Standing by a bus stop to use my phone, a man approached me and asked if he could take some fliers off me…this doesn’t happen. I passed two over and quickly asked him if he believed in God. We had a great conversation. He was raised in a christian home and was honest enough to admit he wasn’t saved. He said one day he will when he is ready. We discussed that tomorrow is not guaranteed and he took a deep breath…like he never thought of that before. He thanked me and said he may visit the church one day and hurried off.


By this time the fear had lifted and I was ready. I started handing out fliers and caught a guy at a bus stop. His bus was arriving in 10 minutes. We had a great conversation and we got to discuss the full gospel. He had some ideas that were not well thought out, but it was clear he was moved. He thought having perfect people on earth would be boring and mentioned the film Equilibrium. This is the standard by which he judged religion. We should all dress the same, talk the same and act the same as a symbol of perfection. Morality is what God is looking for, I replied. Holiness is the key, because God is Holy, but we still retain our individuality…at this point his bus came.  I hope to see him again.


What I learned:

  1. Satan has no chill. He will fight evangelism with any tactic possible. Push through and do right and God will meet with you. You won’t know till you go.
  2. People really do think about God. They call him a higher being. They don’t want to narrow it down to personal accountability to this “higher being”. sometimes all it takes is one good conversation to open up someone to the love of God.

Go and declare!

Quote of the Day:

“In an era of mass media, it is easy to believe that the more eyeballs, the more impact. But radio, television, and tracts accounted for a combined total of less than one-half of 1% of the Busters who are born again.” ― David Kinnaman



One thought on “Day 22…Satan has no chill

  1. This quest that you are on has greatly inspired me to do the same. Yes I’ve had those times when I felt defeated before I even began, but it’s not about me. There’s a greater goal in sight, regardless of how I’m feeling or what I’m going through I’ve got to share the gospel and the word of God, even though going out maybe a struggle now but I use what resources I have. And I’ve seen the most unlikely people approaching me with questions.. Absolutely awesome Pastor Keep Pushing! God Be With You.


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