Day 21…Pray and when your’e done, pray some more

Something unexpected happened today…

We had a GREAT service this morning. Many new faces and new converts returning week after week. Its so refreshing and encouraging to see new faces. The atmosphere was good, the worship was moving, and the church is growing…again.

After a long spell of stagnancy it was much needed. A fresh wind from God..a gentle reminder that HE builds his Church and not us. Its easy to forget that building a church is a supernatural thing. As a pastor I am prone to harsh self criticism and doubts…so when things aren’t so good I tend to look at myself and think…what am I doing wrong?

Sometimes the answer is this – Nothing. We simply need to trust God and pray. Prayer is key. I am understanding more and more that God is not as interested in what we do for Him as He is in us…as individuals and as the church.

This year He has taught me this:

  1. Don’t be afraid to judge issues in the church.
  2. Simple faith in Him achieves big things.
  3. Pray for specific things.
  4. Not everyone wants to serve God – even if they say it.
  5. Witnessing is a lifestyle not a program.
  6. Believe.
  7. Life has seasons.

After Morning service, I got back to church early with the intention of handing out some fliers and then setting up for church. I felt God tell me to pray instead. We finished setting up by 6.15pm, so I prayed. I cried out to God for the church and new converts and backsliders. I asked God to help us.

When service was about to start, I asked the church (4 people at the time) to pray with me for the church. As we were praying two visitors walked in. We stopped praying and started service, then another 4 visitors walked in and some regulars. In the end two people responded to the alter call.

One was a mother who was witnessed to months ago by two sisters in the church, and another one was a gentleman from a nearby hostel called Michael. I drove him home and we spoke about life in general and his struggles this year in particular. Please pray for him.

The last 5 weeks we have seen about 11 new people added to the church. That’s a miracle. God is building His church. Pastor, friend, God has called us to prayer. sincere and simple prayer. Simply taking God at his word and believing Him…that with obedience to His word.

Are you in a dark place right now? Do you feel alone and abandoned? Do you feel cheated and held back? Frustrated? Weak?…What is your remedy? Smoking? Drinking? Partying? Eating? Spending hours on the internet? Shopping?

….How is that working out for you? Temporal solutions don’t deal with the root issues of life, they only quieten their voices for short periods of time. Its permanent activity for temporal relief. But God is able friend. Trust in Him and in Him alone. Put your faith in the Savior and obey His commands. Choose today to forsake sin and turn to Him…




“To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing”.

Martin Luther

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