Day 20…What can I do?

If Jesus is coming back soon, what part can you play? Is there a part to play? Does it matter?

12/09/2015 (11.30am-3pm)

Ogechi sharing Christ.
Ogechi sharing Christ.

Sun was out today. It was a long week and I missed a few days of witnessing. It doesn’t sit well with me. A month ago I wouldn’t have cared that much, so that’s a real change in me. Got to Sydenham and Ogechi and I went to work. We handed out a lot of fliers and dropped a lot of fake wallets 🙂

Spoke to a few people:

  1. Karl said he was a christian but did not go to church and wasn’t sure if he would make heaven. Got to share the full Gospel with him and he was grateful. A good conversation overall. Encouraged him to come to church as its very important.
  2. Ray was raised in church and says he has questions no one can answer, so he doesn’t think about it. I asked him for the questions and even offered to give him my email address so we can address them, but he was reluctant. We went back and forth for a bit and I tried to explain the gospel but he wasn’t entertaining the conversation. I then asked him this…”If i HAD all the answers to the questions would you WANT to hear them?” He looked up and scratched his beard and sighed…”that’s a good question” he retorted…the conversation ended there.
  3. Marvin just came out of prison and converted to Islam. He was raised a christian. I explained the differences when it comes to salvation. He was very quite and nodded his head in agreement in many places and I could tell it was thought provoking to him. We had this conversation inside a Kebab shop! The owners tried to stop us talking by asking what we wanted to eat, but Marvin was more interested in what I had to say. Once we finished talking, he thanked me and said he might come by one day, but he just believes different.
  4. Shay got a flier and stopped to ask what it was about. I explained its for a free concert next week Saturday. She was happy to talk and we spoke for about 20 minutes. She had just moved in the area 5 weeks ago and was in and out of churches. She has visited a Potters house Church before and is looking for God. She has been through a lot and doesn’t want to be a church hopper. At the end she said she would come to church tomorrow with her daughter and I believe she was sincere.

Lizzay, Ogechi and I spoke to a few more people and went into another area about 5mins drive away from our main City and overall it was a good day. Many fliers handed out and people spoken to.

20150912_154134 20150912_123836

What I learned:

  1. If you ask the right questions, the objections people give at times are just smoke screens. The real issue is seldom brought out.
  2. Some believers make up their own way of worshiping God without looking at HOW God wants to be worshiped. Is God OK with us not going to church? Is He OK with us not assured of salvation? Is he OK with us burning strange fire?
  3. One Pimento Fatty Patty is the ONE!!

Quote of the Day:

If your Gospel isn’t touching others, it hasn’t touched  you!
–Curry R. Blake




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