Day 16, 17, and 18…Ireland

4th-6th of Sep (Various times).

“Have you no wish for others to be saved? Then you’re not saved yourself, be sure of that!” Charles H. Spurgeon

The City of Dublin

Symone, Joanne and I went to Dublin over the weekend to be a part of what God is doing in that city. Pastor Shepard and his wife Linda are doing a fantastic job there and the men and women they have are testament of the favour of God.

We felt welcomed and loved and had a great time. Abiola and Shona from the Sutton church also came along.


I arrived on Friday afternoon with Joanne and we checked in the Hotel. She stayed to rest and I wandered around the city for an hour. I wanted to see the back roads and buildings and everything else I missed from when I was here last year. Around 7pm,10-15 folks from the Dublin church were in the City promoting the concert we were going to have the next day. I joined them and immediately bumped into a young man and we engaged in conversation.

His father was a Pastor, but due to church politics and the fact that he was raised in church he felt like the salvation issue was being ‘forced’ on him. He wanted to take that step in his own time – when he was ready. I shared the Gospel and through the commandments showed how we are all sinners in need of a saviour…He had already heard it all. He said he understood, but what he didn’t like about Christians was the sense of urgency they place on accepting Christ. Turn or Burn preaching put him off.

I apologised for the way others may have hurt his chances to become born again, but they were not going to be there on the day of Judgement. He was accountable for the truth he knew. The sense of urgency comes (or should come) from a place of love. I don’t want you to go to hell. We discussed that noone is promised tomorrow so the decision should be made sooner than later…I pray God got through to him.


Symone arrived with Shona and Abiola, they dropped of their bags and we made our way to the church building. We prayed and watched the powerful video on Evangelism embedded below. We hit the streets and handed out fliers, did music, and witnessed to people one on one. I got to speak to a Muslim man, again. He said he didn’t really practice Islam, and hoped to make paradise. He was from Somalia and lived in Norway and visiting family in Ireland! I shared the full Gospel with him and he thanked me. He was very honest and had his own doubts about religion altogether. One question he asked me was:

“Why is it that the most religious countries in the World, Africa and India for example, go through incredible suffering and pagan nations, seem to prosper” – What do you think? I think I answered the question well…overall it was a good witness.

Joanne (pink) and Symone.
Joanne (pink) and Symone.

The Concert was powerful, throughout the day and concert, about 10-20 people prayed to receive Christ! We tenk God.

Street performers
Street performers


I had the privilege of preaching both services and God was faithful to his servant and to His people. We saw two rededications and one young man prayed to receive Christ. Really felt God’s grace and tremendous love for His people.

The Morning Service
The Morning Service
Symone and Shona doing Special Music in the evening service.
Symone and Shona doing Special Music in the evening service.


  1. Abiola from Sutton told me that the men there are fired up to “Go & Declare”. They are calling it “A Man a Day”. They are challenging themselves to witness everyday. Pastor Abiola recently shared Christ with 4 men in one day, and sent a message around to his guys and they were inspired to do the same. Now the men in the Dublin church are also catching the vision and looking to do the same thing.
  2. Watching Keywest perform live!
  3. Fellow-shipping with the saints.
  4. The church Services.

What I learned:

  1. God is into clean churches. If His people are Holy they will be blessed tremendously.
  2. Children raised in church can have a tough time because they see hypocrisy. Live in such a way that they know there is the real deal. Don’t be one thing on Sunday and something else the rest of the week. Your children will see it.
  3. God is into missionary works. We need to do this again and go further.

STOP READING, START PREACHING. Share this movement. Go and declare the Words of the Lord!. Do we claim Christ as Saviour? Do we believe in the reality of Hell, where the flames never cease? Why then are we more concerned with comfort than conversions? Entertainment over evangelism? Pastimes over preaching?

But first...let me take a selfie
But first…let me take a selfie



The Potter’s House Dublin | Christian Fellowship Church


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