As a Christian how do you respond the legalisation of Same sex marriages? The growing voice of the LGBT community? Do they really think we hate them? Do we? Do we have the right to disagree?

I just watched a movie today called Audacity. It was put together by the Ray comfort and the Living Water team. You can watch it below. I thought it was a sincere effort to tackle the issue, yet not without its flaws. Here are a few to boot: (**Warning** SPOILERS**)

  1. It was preachy...TOO preachy. I’m a pastor. I have no problems with preaching. If you are going to make a documentary, as they did with Evolution vs God and others, then preach as much as you want. We know what to expect, but with a movie, your point can be put across just as strong without assuming your audience won’t get the point unless it driven…and driven. The last scene with the news report was unnecessary in my opinion.

  2. I would have liked to hear more of the other side of the story. Yes we agree that sin is sin, but these are people with stories. The scene in the restaurant with the two gay men was a potentially powerful confrontation, but it was cut short and glossed over with a montage. I wanted to know why one was angry and one was receptive. There is a side to the LGBT community that is extremely anti-Christ…and there is a reason for that. Lets talk about it. gay-pride-crucifixion

  3. The dream at the beginning. I was like…what? You’ll have to see it for yourself.

Overall, I liked it. It wasn’t perfect but it had an undertone of sincerity. It was not apologetic for its beliefs but tried to communicate a love that unfortunately, I don’t think will be understood by some. I’m sure it will be a catalyst to great conversations. What do you guys think?

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