Day 9…I hate religion

Thursday 27/08/2015 2pm

Had an impromptu outreach with Pastor Courtney from the Lewisham church. The two of us put in work.

Ecclesiastes 4:9 Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil.

We teamed up and headed for Lewisham today. They have a concert coming up soon and they are also celebrating their 8th year anniversary. It was very busy there today…as always…and its a very eclectic city. All sorts of people.

I managed to witness to a Muslim…can’t remember his name though…I think it was Iqbal. He tries his best to do all all he can to be faithful, but today he missed one of the 5 prayers required and has to make it up later. He admitted that’s its a struggle and he hasn’t been to Mecca. I asked where he would go after death, and he wasn’t sure…he just hoped for paradise.

I managed to share the Gospel with him. Jesus died and completed the work of salvation on the cross so he wouldn’t have to work for his salvation. Jesus rose from the dead three days later, proving He was God and triumphing over death and sin. We do what we do not because we HAVE to but because we love Him who loved us first. I felt Gods presence. He said he would try to attend the concert. I pray he does. It was great being with Pastor Courtney, we got rid of a decent amount of fliers. Pray for the Lewisham church!

I cant help but wonder if at some point this will be just a religious act. What’s the difference? Religion is defined by some as a ceremony or ritual that has to be repeated over and over. If I continue doing this, will there come a day when I will be doing it on automatic pilot? Just another religious activity? I think the difference is not in the “WHAT”, but the “WHY”. As long as there is a passion to see people saved, even without personal gain, we shall go and declare!

What I learned:

  1. Two is better than one!
  2. The more you DO, the more you BECOME.
  3. People are precious. What ever their world view is, they are still God’s creation and therefore have tremendous value. We ought not to shake our heads at Muslims or people of other faiths or lifestyles…they are not the enemy. Deception is the enemy.

Yo, Yo..I got fliers in the car //Messiah in my heart //Holy Spirit living in me, a fire in the dark // We go everywhere…Christ crucified! Behold Him He’s here // Go do likewise, GO AND DECLARE!! – barz


Pst Farayi


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