Day 4…God loves you.

Saturday 22/08/2015

Its not cliche…God loved you so much He did something about it.

John 3:16 “For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.

Today I went into central Sydenham with my two boys, Benjamin and Ethanael. My Mother and niece also joined us. (Thanks mom!). The five of us arrived around 2pmish.

Before we left, everything was going wrong, I had no fliers and the keys for the church were in the car. My wife had told me she had taken the car keys by accident. No fliers and no access to any, but I was determined to talk to someone today.

When I got to the car, the door was left open and there was a handful of fliers in there! Thank you Lord! We were good to go.

My mother worked tirelessly with Ethaneal strapped to her back and gave out all her fliers in the heat. I paced the high street and handed out a few, until I came across a young lady, Victoria, at the traffic light. She took a flier and immediately started fanning herself with it. I made a joke about it and we started a conversation.

She believed there is something out there, but the bible can’t be the word of God.

“How can one man write a book and tell people what to do?” she asked. He eyes almost popped out her head when I explained it was written by over 40 people in a period covering about 1400 years, but still coherent. Not looking to be sidetracked I asked her permission to share my story…it was at this point the Holy Spirit joined the conversation. I don’t remember everything I said, she was captivated. God really helped and she got the full gospel message.

We didn’t pray, but I did not feel it was appropriate to push for in in the CONTEXT of that particular conversation, so I left it. I’ve prayed with so many people that don’t come to church afterwards. Salvation is God working with the individual, adding revelation to the heart that wants it. It was a great witness.

We handed out a few more and went back to the car…the kids were hungry. We got some creamware and started loading the car. As we were doing that, another young man walked by and he caught my attention so I ran after him to talk.

His name was Glory…that’s not a joke…he was 17 and told me he was recently baptised and now taking his relationship with God seriously. He used to be bullied in school and as a result was involved in a lot of fights, but when God started working on His heart, he knew it was wrong so he stopped.

What I learnt

  1. You don’t have to address all objections to Christianity. All your conversation then becomes is an intellectual debate. Go to the heart of the matter…sin and the need for redemption. You can persuade someone to pray, but we are not looking for persuaded people. God is looking for converted people
  2. The gospel works! Glory is only 17 and already being changed to the better because of his relationship with God. Changed at heart level.
  3. Don’t be afraid. God is with you. A body was found dead in a bush near Sydenham Hill alongside a discarded gun. Some people don’t have all the time they think they have, so speak now.

You are a Christian right? You know God loves you. Today you passed by over 100 people that aren’t aware that they could be forgiven of sin and taste of the same love you are experiencing. We must declare…YOU must declare.

Go declare.


Pst Farayi


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