Day 2…

Thursday 20/08/2015

Ezekiel 2:4-5 (NLT) They are a stubborn and hard-hearted people. But I am sending you to say to them, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says!’ 5 And whether they listen or refuse to listen—for remember, they are rebels—at least they will know they have had a prophet among them.

Day 2 and I didn’t feel like doing it. I had a long and stressful day and wanted to stay home. Had I not shared this with the church I may well have!

After dropping my mother in law home, I got back to Sydenham around 9pm and parked up. With a handful of fliers I walked up and down the high street and not in the mood to talk.

Giving out fliers was a chore and I eventually saw a young man walking towards the Co-op. I called out to him and tried to give him a flier. He looked at it and indicated he didn’t want it. Not to be deterred I asked him is he believed in God and he said no, without stopping or eye contact.

My attempts to try to start a  conversation were brushed off. He told me he wasn’t interested in anything to do with religion and disappeared into a shop. Given my day and this being the first person I was ready to go home!

I saw another man in his 20’s and he took the flier and I walked with him and shared Jesus. In my mind I sounded scripted. It was the routine and I knew it. He listened politely but his body language was dismissive. He had heard all this before and was unmoved. He would choose when he is ready. I marvelled at this and thanked him for his time and left – headed straight for the car whilst giving out fliers.

“Well, Lord, I tried and did my bit for the day. I got to share the full gospel with the second man.”

While I was pondering why he was unmoved, I got to my car and there was another man on a motorcycle about to drive off. I half heartedly gave him a flier and he beamed and thanked me. I took the opportunity to start a conversation with him. His name was John.

He believed in God and he told me he prayed regularly. When I asked him about heaven and hell, he told me that he tries to do right and hoped this would balance the scales. what followed was a great 10 minute conversation that re-energised me and made me forget how long the day was. Jesus dies so we didn’t have to work to get Gods approval. The work was completed on the cross. He thanked me and said he would invite his mother to church.

We didn’t get a chance to finish talking as he had to shoot off, but I went home thankful to God for the opportunity.

What I Learnt

Every heart id different, some hearts are cold and hard and can’t be moved. I spoke to one person who didn’t even want to hear the word God, another who didn’t mind but was unmoved and John, who was receptive to Gods word!

We don’t have the responsibility of ‘saving’ people. We have the responsibility and the command from God to share His word. this is the duty of every believer. None is exempt. We do however get frustrated when we encounter different types of hearts. they are not rejecting you, they are rejecting the message and Him who sent us.

Luke 10:16 (NLT) Then he said to the disciples, “Anyone who accepts your message is also accepting me. And anyone who rejects you is rejecting me. And anyone who rejects me is rejecting God, who sent me.” – Jesus

But in the midst of that, you have the soul that would respond to Gods call and be saved. I have this confidence because I was once hell-bound, but God in His mercy rescued me. There are so many that need to here the Gospel.

What’s stopping you right now, from grabbing a few fliers and believing God for a miracle of salvation?

Go & Declare

Pst Farayi


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